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Astridr Lokidottir was born on December 15th in the year 1794. She grew up in the palace upon Asgard, one of the nine realms. Upon her birth, Odin betrothed Princess Astridr to Prince Adjeon of Alfheim.

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There were many times where Loki would leave the city region, this unknown to most of the palace; including Odin himself. But Ari knew, he could sense that his father was lying whenever he said he was going to a party on Midgard. Usually, he did not associate himself with humans, but he said this because everyone knew how much Ari's sister loved Midgardian fashion.

Sigyn was getting curious as to where Loki was going, and she never thought that he would be cheating on her. One day their mother vanished altogether and when Loki arrived home, he discovered this. He decided that it was too soon for Ari and Astridr to live without the tender care of a mother.

After another journey, this time claiming that he was going to find Sigyn, he came home with another woman. To Odin and Frigga, he introduced her as Sarai. But when he presented Sarai to his children, he placed a vision spell upon them. This spell caused them only to see their mother when they looked upon Sarai.

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Eventually, after Loki came home with 'Sigyn' (in actuality his new wife, Sarai), Sarai became pregnant with a child. Astrid and Ari were excited to have a new sibling.

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Valhalla Heimdalldottir
Astridr and Valhalla Heimdalldottir practically grew up together as best friends. Valhalla visits the palace frequently to bring news from her father to Loki, Astridr's father. In the past, once the news had been given, the two children would immediately retire to play in the gardens.

Grauben Uhtredson
A childhood friend of Astridr's whom she would eventually develop a mutual feeling of love. When she returns to Asgard, Grauben is assigned to keep her safe by Loki.



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As the son of a warrior of Asgard, Grauben and Astridr spent much time together. They were the best of friends. Grauben and Astridr both developed feelings for one another but, because of the laws, theirs was like Romeo and Juliet.

Tarivaan Mavalorson
After the son of Malekith wins the competition for Astridr's hand in marriage, she is forced to marry him. Upon marrying the dark elf, she leaves for her new realm where she would rule at Tarivaan's side as his Queen.

Xhal aka Adjeon Cadeusson
Astridr's original betrothed. Before the tournament, she was happy to marry the one she had fallen in love. During the competition a tragic event took place, causing her father to prison and ban him from Asgard.

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Astridr does not carry around many weapons. As a warrior on Asgard, she trained in how to handle a variety of weapons. Her favorite being a sword.



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